Course Redesign Captioning

As part of the RFP process that CSU faculty went through to request Course Redesign with Technology funding (, some faculty indicated that they would like funding (usually < $1000) for captioning videos used in their courses.  If you are a 2016-2017 CRT faculty member and do not remember whether you requested captioning funding in the RFP submission, please consult your RFP, or contact Jonathan Blake Huer (

Captioning your media through the Course Redesign with Technology program is a simple process and can be completed in a relatively short period of time.  The CSU has contracted with Automatic Sync Technologies, an experienced captioning vendor, as well as internal expertise (Jonathan Blake Huer) to provide guidance with this process.

CRT funding is allocated to provide transcripts and caption files. Delivery of media through the web will require coordination with local support and the use of campus resources, such as the LMS or media servers. The use of  CaptionSync Smart Player is strongly recommended if you have limited experience with the caption process. It allows you to easily add accessibility to existing content already on the web. It will provide a new link that can be used in your course and adds additional functions to the playback.

Step 1:  Gather the media files (or links to media files) that you need captioned.  Consider which player will be used by students to play the media.  If you do not already have a player requirement, consider using the CaptionSync Smart Player, which offers many additional features to your viewers.

Step 2: Consult with your local campus support on what options are available at your campus for web delivery of media. Instructional designers, accessibility services staff and media production staff will have experience producing accessible media to approved standards and know what options are available at your campus.

Step 3: If you need assistance with the captioning process or have questions about the process, contact Terry Smith ( to discuss what you need. If you are familiar with the process, then you can proceed to Step 4 to request account approval.

Step 4: If you will be captioning the content yourself, get a CaptionSync account by going to .

  • Remember to choose “Course Redesign Grant” as your campus to ensure this work gets billed directly to the grant.

Step 5: Submit your videos (or links) to your CaptionSync account.  Once the results come back, you will need to add them to your video (exactly how to do that will depend on what player you are using – ask AutomaticSync for guidance or check out our Support Center for help).

If you need assistance, please contact Jonathan Huer (

Some Resources:

Signup for CaptionSync Account: