The ePortfolio Template and its Content

The following items are examples of what would be most appropriate content to include in the ePortfolio. Feel free to add other items that represent your interests and project.

 ePortfolio StagesePortfolio Content Items
1.Stage 1

2017/2018 Cohort-Due by June 28, 2017
  • Project title, course description/abstract, instructional delivery, pedagogical approaches, and class size
    About the Course Redesign
  • Why redesign your course?
  • Course history/background
  • How long has it been offered?
  • High demand / low success issues
  • Pre-Redesign Syllabus (original)
  • 2.Stage 22017/2018 Cohort-Due by October 16, 2017
    About the Students and Instructor(s)
    Student Characteristics
  • Typical student characteristics
  • Advice I gave my students to be successful
    Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)
  • Alignment of SLOs with course redesign
  • Assessments used to assess SLOs
    Accessibility, Affordability, & Diversity Considerations
  • Which formats are materials available?
  • Are technologies available and affordable?
  • 3. Stage 3
    2017/2018 Cohort-Due by February 16, 2018
    Implementing the Redesigned Course
  • Which aspects of your course have you redesigned
  • Which technology was used?
  • Which PD activities did you participate in?
  • Which additional resources were needed for the redesign?
  • 4. Stage 4
    2017/2018 Cohort-Due by June 15, 2018
    Course Redesign Impact on T&L
  • Assessment Findings
  • What were the results of your redesign?
  • What were the changes in DWF rates and other empirical measures of student achievement?
  • Compile and upload graphs/tables/charts of your findings (course comparisons, pre/post student achievements
    Student Feedback
  • How did students respond to the redesigned materials?
  • Include survey results (anecdotal, visual graph, student video)
    Lessons Learned & Redesigned Tips
  • Tips and suggestions for other instructors, including the challenges that you faced
  • Strategies used to increase engagement
    Instructor Reflection
  • Your reflection on the course redesign project, your participation and experiences, and student
  • Share any plans to disseminate/publish the findings
  • Exemplary Faculty ePortfolios
  • An exemplary faculty eportfolio from 2013/2014.
  • An exemplary faculty eportfolio from 2014/2015.
  • Further details regarding the ePortfolio development process: