Course Redesign with Technology, Summer Institute, 2017-18

While maintaining high academic standards, the CSU remains committed to developing innovative solutions for bottleneck courses that otherwise delay students from attaining their degrees. These solutions include more effective integration of technology for teaching, learning and assessment. The 2017-18 Course Redesign with Technology program will build on the momentum of successful projects implemented the prior three years. In the coming year we will continue to refine and execute strategies that have been successfully tested and demonstrate improvements in student success.

The Course Redesign with Technology, Summer Institute (agenda; materials; links) is an in-depth professional development event that provides the context, dialogue, and support to increase student success at all levels. This June 26-30, 2017 event is a launching experience for all faculty accepted into the 2017-18 CRT programs, as well as a capstone experience for some of the 2016-17 participants (showcase of selected 2016-17 Course Redesign ePortfolios).

  • Proven Course Redesign
    • 17-18 Proven Leads attend June 25 through June 30
    • 17-18 Proven Adopting attend June 26-30
    • 16-17 Proven Leads/Adopting attend June 26 only
  • Promising Practices
    • 16-17 Promising Practices attend on June 26 only
  • Virtual Labs
    • 17-18 Virtual Labs participants attend June 26-30
    • 16-17 Virtual Labs participants attend June 26 only
  • Sustaining Success
    • 16-17 Sustaining Success participants attend June 26 only