Math Course Redesign

Since 2013, the CSU Course Redesign with Technology program has included a mathematics redesign cohort. These redesign and implementation efforts at many CSU campuses have enabled a greater number of students to succeed – while maintaining the same level of course outcomes. Mathematics faculty involved have strategically applied effective forms of pedagogy and instructional technology to create a more effective student experience and outcome. Examples include flipping the classroom, active learning, adaptive learning, online homework, Supplemental Instruction. Following is a sample of videos related to CSU math course redesign efforts and outcomes.


Further information regarding current efforts can be found at the 2017-18 Mathematics redesign cohort page.  In addition, mathematics redesign efforts and outcomes from across multiple years of the project may be found through the Mathematics Redesign ePortfolio Showcase. The CSU Course Redesign program also hosted the following webinars related to mathematics course redesign efforts: